August 3, 2020

    How Many U.S. Army Five-Star Generals Have There Been?

    Those that have been appointed as five-star generals receive the title of “General of the Army,” so this grade is…
    June 17, 2020

    Timeline of the Korean War

    This article will cover a complete timeline of the Korean War, including its causes and consequences.
    July 1, 2020

    How Do You Join the Space Force?

    America is already in search of the country's finest for its Space Force.
    June 4, 2020

    When Were Women First Allowed in the Military?

    Things changed during the Second World War, where women got the opportunity to be part of the Army for the…
      Ancient History
      July 26, 2020

      The Shortest War in History: The Anglo-Zanzibar War

      The Anglo-Zanzibar War began and ended on August 27, 1896. It lasted for just 38 minutes, making it the shortest…
      US Civil War
      July 16, 2020

      The Battle of Gettysburg: What Led To It, Fight Summary, and Aftermath

      The Battle of Gettysburg was a crucial turning point of the Civil War and was responsible for the most casualties…
      Ancient History
      July 16, 2020

      Types of Elite Warriors in Ancient History

      It wasn’t the size of your army, but the talent of your elite warriors that mattered most in ancient history.
      Recent Conflicts
      July 3, 2020

      Operation Ocean Shield: NATO Allies vs. Somali Pirates

      What was once a massive piracy problem has become a controlled situation after years of concerted NATO involvement.

      Recent Conflicts

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